Anyone can have diabetes, even infants. When an infant is born, part of the routine check-up by

People often get diabetes and hypoglycemia confused with one another, believing that they are

The symptoms of diabetes are many, but the recognizable ones are few. Many of the symptoms

Diabetes can seem to have an almost limitless list of symptoms

There are those who have heard of the term "diabetes mellitus," but might not be familiar with

A 1-minute quiz could predict whether or not you're at risk for prediabetes. More than 1 in 3

Diabetes and hypoglycemia appear as very similar conditions because one of the consequences of

Diabetes isn't a disease that only affects humans. In fact, diabetes also occurs in cats, and

People are not the only beings who suffer from diabetes. Any mammal with a pancreas can develop

With diabetes, it all used to be really simple: Type 1 diabetes was known as “childhood-onset,”

Keeping your blood sugar levels under control can be tough. There are so many factors that can

Skin problems are a common side effect of living with diabetes. Damage to blood vessels and

The most prevalent symptom of diabetes (Type I and II) is elevated blood

There are no standard symptoms for diabetes, which is one of the reasons why it