Search For a Cure

There is technically no "cure" for type 2 diabetes, but the condition can be reversed or in a

In the search for a diabetes cure, a study stunned even the experts involved. Scientists at a

A published study in the journal Nature Biotechnology gives encouragement to those who

The Juvenile Diabetes Cure Alliance (JDCA) strives to achieve the goal of having a


In December, 2007 a very enticing study out

Scientists at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies found they could restore normal

A study on mice with diet-induced diabetes suggests there may be a way to create a

Many patients who undergo gastric bypass surgery also experience a remission in diabetes

Gastric band surgery could play an important role in treating

A modified version of niclosamide, a drug that currently treats intestinal parasites,

Last week Harvard researchers announced a major breakthrough regarding type-1 diabetes

Google, along with French pharmaceutical company Sanofi, announced today a partnership

Scientists are constantly looking for new treatment options so patients with diabetes can manage

Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham are working on a new treatment

The millions of people around the world living with type 1 diabetes have found an ally