It is a stunning and frightening statistic: every 30 seconds, somewhere in the world a

Thanksgiving is all about family, happiness, history, and most importantly, food. For diabetics

Type 2 Diabetes differs from type 1 diabetes. It

Feline diabetes mellitus is extremely common in housecats. Taking care of a cat with diabetes is

Trick-or-treating is a major part of every child’s Halloween, but that bag of candy may

Even if you’re not one to make and keep resolutions, there are three things you can do now to

Though getting plenty of restful sleep is the cornerstone of well-being, it’s estimated that

Anyone keeping tabs on breakthroughs in diabetes treatment will eventually run across research

If we exercise moderation and make healthy ingredient choices, snacking doesn’t have to sabotage

Ice skating is a great way to have fun, and get the heart healthy, glucose lowering, calorie

Collecting many appealing, easy to prepare recipes makes home-cooking doable, even after

Those who have diabetes are 40 percent more likely to develop glaucoma than individuals without

Cooking and baking with whole grain flour adds fiber to our diet - so important for

It usually takes more than good intentions to establish a new habit, even if we know the habit

One of the best things we can do for our overall health, and diabetes care, is make sure our