Diet and Nutrition

Eleven Clinical Studies

After eleven clinical studies and 300,000 participants,

Diabetic women often have a harder time losing weight than non-diabetic women. A study funded by

Many recent studies have proved that magnesium levels are lower in patients with

When it comes to certain foods, there are always questions as to

With its slightly nutty flavor, chewy texture, and nutritional punch farro is an ancient whole

Matcha tea is a rich, creamy, full-bodied beverage with amazing nutritional properties that

Salads are good example of foods that type 2 diabetics can enjoy with relatively low guilt. With

Learning that you have diabetes does mean making some lifestyle changes. One of the areas that

One of the more challenging aspects of life as a type 2 diabetic is managing your diet. There’s

The green, heavily ridged acorn squash is plentiful in the marketplace this time of year. Though

A 1300-Calorie diet is a way of eating that limits your daily calorie intake to only 1300

Maca Root is an editable root vegetable, and is known as Peruvian Ginsing. It is a relative of

One way to ensure our body gets a variety of nutrients is eating nutrient-dense foods, and one

Many diabetics struggle to control the sudden blood sugar spikes that can occur after meals.

Everyone from grandmothers to physicians tout oatmeal's wholesome goodness and health benefits.