Diet and Nutrition

Bilberry tea sounds like the favorite drink at a Hobbit cafe, but the mild sounding bilberry

You may think beer, wine, and liquor would be categorized as food, but in reality, alcohol is a

Research published in the British Journal of Nutrition found that eating peanuts or

One way to ensure our body gets a variety of nutrients is eating nutrient-dense foods, and one

=It’s helpful to know the difference between a food’s total grams of carbohydrate, and net grams

In Ayurvedic and Oriental Medicine, herbs are frequently used to help people regulate their

With its slightly nutty flavor, chewy texture, and nutritional punch farro is an ancient whole

Many who are diagnosed with diabetes are then introduced to weight loss plans

One of the hardest parts about adopting a low-carb diet is giving up traditional baked goods and

When it comes to certain foods, there are always questions as to

Although the American Diabetes Association says that people with diabetes can eat just about any

Evidence is mounting that consuming black cumin helps to manage type 2 diabetes. The spice

Sleep apnea — a condition that causes shallow or obstructive breathing patterns — is an

Food often becomes the focal point when it comes to discussing a diabetes diet, but the

Diabetes has no known cure, but there are many ways to control the disease and prevent the