Diet and Nutrition

Nerve damage affects about 50 percent of people with diabetes, according to the American

Diabetes has no known cure, but there are many ways to control the disease and prevent the

There is no question that people with

The different sugar content of fruits can be confusing when you are trying to manage your blood

Well-controlled diabetes may depend on medication, but nutrition is perhaps the most important

Sleep apnea — a condition that causes shallow or obstructive breathing patterns — is an

Evidence is mounting that consuming black cumin helps to manage type 2 diabetes. The spice

One way to ensure our body gets a variety of nutrients is eating nutrient-dense foods, and one

You may think beer, wine, and liquor would be categorized as food, but in reality, alcohol is a

Any sweetener you use to replace table sugar is a sugar substitute. One type of sugar

When it comes to certain foods, there are always questions as to

Matcha tea is a rich, creamy, full-bodied beverage with amazing nutritional properties that

A diabetes meal plan is a guide indicating what types of foods, and how much of them, people

Everyone from grandmothers to physicians tout oatmeal's wholesome goodness and health benefits.

Food often becomes the focal point when it comes to discussing a diabetes diet, but the