Diabetes Cure

Is there a Diabetes Cure?

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In the search for a diabetes cure, a 2006 study stunned even the experts involved. Scientists at a Toronto medical center published findings that diabetes may be triggered by nerves, suggesting that diabetes is triggered by neuropathic problems rather than by autoimmune disorders.

In the study, mice that had been given diabetes became healthy within 24 hours after medical experts introduced a compound to circumvent the effect of reduced neurons in the pancreas.

"I couldn't believe it," reported Dr. Michael Salter, an expert in pain at the Hospital for Sick Children and one of the researchers involved in the discovery. "Mice with diabetes suddenly didn't have diabetes any more." In essence, it appeared that this was a diabetes cure.

The specialists urge caution, warning that they still have to prove their study. Any possible diabetes cure that may develop is most likely to be years away.

The team from Sick Children, who published their research in Cell, are still immensely excited, and hope that this is a major step towards the diabetes cure that the medical world has been seeking.

"I've never seen anything like it," stated Dr. Hans Michael Dosch, an expert in immunology the hospital and a leader of the studies.

Their research may overthrow the current view that Type 1 diabetes, the most serious form of the disorder that often presents in childhood, was the result of auto-immune reactions.

Study suggests that type 1 and type 2 diabetes have a lot in common

Their study also suggests that Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes have more in common than currently believed and that our nerves likely play a role in other irreversible inflammatory sicknesses, such as asthma and Crohn's disease.

This impressive study opens, "a novel, exciting door to address one of the diseases with large societal impact," said Doctor Christian Stohler, chair of the University of Maryland Department of Biologic and Materials Sciences, who has reviewed the 'cure for diabetes' claims.

The research team injected capsaicin, (the active compound in chili peppers), into the pancreas in order to kill the pancreatic sensory neurons in lab mice that had Type one diabetes mellitus. The astonishing outcome was that the islets immediately began producing insulin at normal levels. In other words, it appeared that the subject mice had been cured of diabetes.

The study reports that pancreatic sensory neurons control islet inflammation and insulin resistance; by eliminating them, they prevented diabetes in the mice.

Follow-up research determined that the nerves in the diabetic mice were not secreting enought neuropeptides to allow for proper functioning islets. Injected of a neuropeptide referred to as "substance P" into the pancreas of diabetic rodents resulted in normal production of insulin. Some mice remained in that state for 4 months after only one dose.

The experts also found that this procedure reduced the insulin resistance that is the main distinguishing feature of Type-2 diabetes which also implies that insulin resistance is a component of Type-1 diabetes.

The medical researchers are now trying to confirm that the connection between our nerves and diabetes holds true for people. If it does, they will see if their procedure has identically the same effect on humans as it did on laboratory mice.

Millions have diabetes mellitus, with 10% having Type-one and 90% Type-two. The condition is the 6th most significant cause of death reported on U.S. death certificates, and many experts believe that it is even higher due to under reporting.

Currently there is no diabetes treatment other than insulin injections, and this diabetes treatment does not prevent many of diabetes' negative consequences such as heart attacks and kidney failure. Insulin is not a diabetes cure; it is merely a way of reducing some of the consequences and aiding longevity of the patient.

Again, caution is urged - it is very early days and even if the research holds true any diabetes cure will be years away. The best advice for all diabetics is to carry on with you diabetic care regimes exactly as normal.


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The reason there is a high

The reason there is a high statistical correlation between being overweight and having type 2 diabetes is that the same thing that causes type 2 diabetes also causes some people to be overweight. For example, bad fats (such as in margarine) are what cause type 2 diabetes, and bad fats can also cause a person to be overweight!!!!!

Diabetes 1.5 diagnosed in old age

Samu== I have diabetes 1.5 (LADA) diagnosed when I was 79 years & am now 81 years old. Have tried 1 regimen after the other. One with more protein & fat than carbs resulted in 600 units protein in my urine! Endo merely said limit protein for 30 days & make an apptmt for 3 mos. Could you please give details on what I could eat with your no fats & no protein diet? It would be very much appreciated.

diabetes discovered in 1920's?????

my son has only been diagnosed for just over a month so I am no expert but I do know that diabetes was discovered well before the 1920's. The name comes from the ancient Greek word diabetes meaning sipon or running through(referring to the passing of large amounts of urine) and mellitus meaning honey-like (referring to the sweetness of the urine due to the excess sugar as identified by ancient physicians). Diabetes has been around for thousands of years and known about for almost as long!!! 1920's just had use of media for profiteering this is why it is misconcieved when diabetes was discovered. there is even accounts of the ancient greeks/Egyptions using cell transplation with bird quills.

the cure is there but you need the well

my doctor tested me 6 months ago for diabetes , and it seems im diabetic though i don't have the symptoms , even before telling me that im diabetic i would eat a big bowl of icecream and 2 chocolates and pepsi and chips and etc.. before i go to bed and guess what i was okay. just the minute he told me am diabetic my feet started hurting me lol " i wonder why? fear plays a big role in diabetes cause it has an effect on your body abig effect on your body"

im been searching and researching alot of info about diabetes and how the pancreas work and glucose work.

iv read stories all over the internet contacted ppl from all over the world.

but i do believe that the nerve system something to do with diabetes and i do believe that parasites has something to do with it , and i do believe that the crappy food that we fill out our body with has to do something with it so my own project was to control all that without medications at all.

i came across that coffee with caffeine actually plays a big role in glucose metabolism cause caffeine boost the brain and the nerve system not in a normal way. so i decided to drink decaf which is less damaging

grinding my coffee with cardamom and cloves and cinnamon did a good job to restore how my body react to stuff , cardamom improves the body metabolism and it does relax the nerves , cloves known for anti fungal anti parasites so giving my body another shot of normal gods made medicine to help with fighting diseases in the body which will not cause your immune system to overwork and overload basically it relaxes it too as it also flushes the kidneys and the liver and the pancreas is a normal way.

cinnamon has the same effect of cloves but for different kinds of parasites and bacterial infections.

chamomile is a nerve and muscle relaxer too , that helps too and it does boost your blood circulation and its a free antihistamine and anti inflammatory, plus it does have some anti viral/bacteria effects.

a came across a plant one time its called bitter melon , it has good effect on how your body acts with insulin, they have it as supplement , some of them they would call it sugar and glucose harmony and some of them will call it bitter melon , a pill before you eat a big meal that has a lot of sugar/carbs will keep your glucose levels under control.

smoking is good and bad " im just saying that cause im a heavy smoker" smoking makes u feel better why? cause of nicotine which release a chemical that makes your brain happy when your brain is happy your body is happy but smoking effect your blood circulation makes it slower as it has direct effects on your lungs so you lungs arent giving your body clean oxygen or not doing it in a right way.

cholesterol cholesterol cholesterol , the higher it is the more your body will be insulin resistant and any other thing resistant , lower your cholesterol in whatever way you like , exercising , eating less fat , taking pill for that , fish oil , putting your self in the oven to melt the fat in your body lol just do whatever u like doing. especially the belly the smaller it is the better your body will feel.

and im still researching a lot of stuff , and i came across an English study that a low calories diet of 600 calories a day for two month can cure diabetes type 2 , i tried that for two days i could not stand on my feet lol cause where i work requires 500000 calories to keep you functioning lol but the whole idea is to relax your body so it would restore it self to normal state ,a lot of religions have a fasting period this could be so helping , i would go with the jewish or the muslim fasting , cause they starve you for a long time without consuming food/drinks , in that case that will re-calibrate your body " huh i thought only printers and scanners and touch screens requires calibration" IT DOES WORK!!

i would love to find a place where they do test on humans for diabetes cure "Cures not medicines that relieves side effects of diabetes"

and at last but not least, may god bless and cure all the patients in the world with whatever disease they have.

must be careful

when posting comments we must all be careful to remember that no one's body reacts the same and as well not all physicians are equal. i was diagnosed with juvenile onset type one diabetes when i was twelve. they said that i had a particularly aggressive case of diabetes. everyone thought that diabetes was the same in everyone as did i. i am now thirty three. when i was twenty four i had my first complications which was neuropathy in my feet. when i was twenty seven i lost my vision due to retinopathy and am now blind. at age thirty i lost the function of my kidneys and had to start dialysis which has also lead to hypertension, high phospherus and potassium. i am not saying that all diabetics will suffer my fate but if i can direct just one person down the right path instead of the one i followed it is well worth it. please don't take diabetes lightly. i have placed my story here with the hope that someone will learn from my mistakes. everything the docttors tell you can happen really can happen to anyone not just the proverbial one in a million. i am happy to say that as of recently i have been put on the kidney pancrease transplant list but it is a shame it took this much suffering to finally get some kind of relief no matter how insignifigant it might be to some. if there is any interest out there for support or maybe help in dealing with diabetes or some of the concerns i have spoke of please reply to this post. i am new to this list so don't know if this post is still monitored or not. thanks for your time.


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I adopted the vegan lifestyle advocated by Dr. Esselstyn in "Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease". I eat nothing that has a face or a mother. No oil, especially Olive oil. It is a processed food, high in calories and carcinogenic when high heat applied to it. ;No dairy. No cheese or eggs. I am on my second month on this lifestyle change. I had type 2 diabetes. Two months ago I took 2000mg of Metformin a day. Since then have gone from over 200lbs to 170 lbs which is about what I weighed when I was 25. I stopped taking Metformin. My reading are under 115 in the morning, today it was 90. I do 2hrs of aerobics every week and 1 hr of Zumba plusI I walk for at least an hour 2 days per week. I do not have heart disease, but this lifestyle got rid of my diabetes 2. The western diet is killing us. Too much animal protein, but the Meat and Dairy industries would go under if their true nature was ever revealed. I went to world-renowned Joslin Clinic. They never suggested I adopt this lifestyle. Just eat less of the western diet. What hogwash. The research that this cures type 2 diabetes is out there. It just gets buried by all the propaganda from the special interest groups and lobbyists that represent the meat and dairy industries. And don't forget sugar- another powerful food lobby. Between the sugar in soft drinks and cheese in every snack out there, it's no wonder America has more fat people than any other country the result of which produces the hjghest health care costs on the planet owing to diseases whose root cause is empty nutritional food consumed by the unsuspecting public.


I would give me left eye to rid this disease, I was diagnosed at the age of 10, I am almost 46 in a month.I would give me body for the research for a cure. I feel for every one who has it to. Me heart goes out to you. Exercise is a big part of keeping healthier. I have 4 grandchildren i worry bout. Not sure why i got it , not inherited. No complications yet. but i sure don't want any either. So if there is a research company like in T.O. i offer you me body. ty for your time. keep strong


I was wondering to receive more information about this research and how it's progressing. did they try the cure on human beings and what were the results? and how can I contact Toronto Center to get more detailed information and if its possible to try this invention on me?

Permanent cure for diabetes found !

I have accidentally stumbled on a permanent cure for diabetes and have put myself to the test in the past near 6 months and enjoying life as a non-diabetic after suffering for near 35 years, 15 of which, insulin dependent. I would wish to relate my story to the world and contribute to putting a lid on diabetes forever but unfortunately, those in the diabetes control business, research and even the so called foundations don't seem to wanna know as my attempts to reach over 15 of them and share my discovery has had no response whatsoever, hence I have taken the liberty to let the world know that the disease can be cured and hope that there is someone benevolent out there who will take me seriously and put my blood to the test and isolate the enzyme that has rejuvenated my one time dying pancreas.

Would you Share

Would you be willing to share how you cured yourself? I am 62 and in need of a cure I do not want to take insulin or medication. Should I be taking enzymes?

I am desperate to get this solved, as you know it affects your entire life.

permanent cure

Dear Ediriviera, I am a Type 2 sufferer and would love to find out more details of the permanent cure, if you read this get in touch and tell me how it's done, I am willing to try anything.

Please share

Please share, we all would like to know.

Permanent cure for diabetes found !

How did you cure diabetes type 2 ?

more information

Can we get a little bit more information about the cure? what is your method based on? have you tried it on anyone else but yourself ? How did you accidentally stumbled on it? are you qualified scientist ?


Edi do you care to share with us? We always here to listen.

Cure for diabetes

I'm 32 & have grandmother & mother with type 1 diabetes we own a BBQ place I see them everyday and pray for a cure everyday I would sell the resteraunt and donate it for research please find a cure it would bring so much peace and happiness to this world y'all have it in the palms of your hands I just know it anything is possible if you truly believe in it I wish it would happen sooner than later don't give up on life we need eachother

Diabetes can be cured, my experience

diabetes in fact can be cured if you loose weight esp. in the abdominal area, the doctors in fact should ask the newly diagnosed to to use natural ways before starting medication but may be greed drives them to suggest medication and the body of the patient gets dependent on the medicine making it impossible to cure. here my first hand experience how i achieved normal sugar levels after being diagnosed type 2


how to avoid and even reverse diabetes

diabetes is caused by the inability of the cells to absorb glucose. hence the term insulin resistance. The cells gets saturated with solid fats. insulin is relativley large in size . Insulin jobs is to carry the glucose and transport it to the cells. think of a cleaning spongy, when the spongy is clean it can absorb water easily when it is very filthy , water can float on the surface rather than being absorbed easily. To help the insulin penetrate the cells, the cells need to be cleaned of the fats. to clean the cells follow this program;

for a period of 3 weeks , DO NOT consume any animal products what so ever, no meat of any sort , be it red meat, white meat, or fish , no cheese , no milk, no eggs , no butter, no margarine .etc.......basically no animal products what so ever .

also no OIL what so ever to be used . DONT fry food , but boil food . Basically you need to deprive the cells from all the animal products and oily food.

The idea is to clean the cells .

at the same time there are other natural products that can help the utilization of glucose .

fenugreek . these are seed you buy from the stores. soak the seeds over night , say a 100 grams or more in a litre of water . drink from this water , say twice a day, also chew a couple of spoonfuls of the soaked seeds at the same time of drinking the water.

add cinamon to your tea of coffee , and food.

inject some good quality omega 3 into your system. Use fxax seeds powder and flax seeds oil. Flax seeds are very rich in Omega 3.

you might say what to eat : brown pasta, couscous, burgul, lentils, black eye beans, spinach, aukra, cucumber,garlic,onion,( pickled products are very good) celery, brown bread .....etc , vinegar: add vinegar to water and drink .

squeeze half a lemon , add a cup of hot water and add cayenne pepper , eat the remains of the squeezed lemon at the same time . add vinegar ( apple cider mother is the best) your food . Also note that high fat, high protein , contribute to diabetes . even starvation for 48 hours send the body into diabetic mode. Contrary to some belief it is not the carb that causes diabetes , is is the fat and protein rich food and the deep fried food . heated oil is just too too bad for the body.

Please try this program for 3 weeks . and from there on , just understand the real cause , as explained above.

as for exercise : this is good if you can do it, basically a 20 minutes brisk walk , say 15/20 minutes after your meal , this helps and forcing the glucose to drive itself into the cels of the body., but the main program is the diet as outlined.

If you are on medication continue to take them , but keep tracking your blood sugar level in case to goes too low. check after 3 weeks , you should see a great improvement, you could come off medication or reduce them .... carry on like this if need to ....... but after a while you can eat fish , tuna is good, add lemon ( 1/2 a lemon) juice and cayane pepper to the fish and eat the remains of this half lemon . add 2 table spoon of flax seed oil to cottage cheese . add walnut to your diet , good source of omega 3 . Chia seeds are also good

Also please note if you are on medication make sure that there is 2 hours between taking the medication and drinking the fengreek drink .

Please follow this program and share this with others. lets help the rest of mankind and take over from those big pharma money making machines. Please report back your progress.

This program is from real time experience and believe me it does work .

Reversing Diabetes

Samu...This sounds great. I could definately do this for three weeks. Can you post some more suggestions on what to eat. What do you put on the brown pasta? Is sauce allowed? Also, do you take supplements to go along with this diet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Reversing Diabetes

Hi Donnad5758

I will compile a list and post it for you here. are you in the UK ! as for supplements GYMNEMA SYLVESTRE is the only one I have used . I bought them from www.puritan.com , they are cheap as well . you take them before meals. regards

foods for 3 weeks diet

hi samu--could you please furnish me your list of foods for your diet. Am 81 year-old LADA diab 1.5 & find this added condition with assorted other old-age conditions very trying. Many thanks for your help. erica in Virginia, USA

Diabetes cure

While googling this study, I found that it dates back to 2006. I can't find any new news on this. Again, there is way more money in treating than curing.

Cure for Diabetes

It would be wonderful but never allowed. There's way more money in treating for life than curing once. When was the last time anything was cured?

A cure, please God

Hi all I hope that there is some truth in this and they make progress quickly. My 2 yr old daughter was diagnosed type 1 four month ago and it's been really hard to accept. It's hard to accept that her life has changed forever unless of course they find a cure. I'm still clutching to that possibility. Our whole familys lives have changed but that's not a problem we are adapting well , it just guts me to think this is how she will have to live. I would gladly donate myself for research if it was possible, anything to get rid of this dreadful condition. Anyway I hope all you diabetics are doing well......someone who gives me great hope for my daughter is the rower Steve Redgrave. After he was diagnohsed in 1997 he went on to win two gold medals in world rowing championships and in 2000 won his 5th gold medal in the Olympic games. He famously said" diabetes had to live with me, not me live with it." Good luck everyone.

Type 1

I was led to believe pancreas transplant and islet treatment would Be a good way to go, but every doctor I talk to said NOT to do as I would be on such strong anti rejection pills they would Cause serious side affects, let's hope this new research is a positive step! I have been type 1 for 5 yrs now with serious sickness bouts and hospital time, It destroyed my marriage, my job, social life, it's got to the point That I just want to give up now, but I have a two and a half year old son, He's a wonderful kid, I want to be around for him as long as possible, but I'm Suffering serious depression and just don't know what else to do, the damn governments Should be pumping money into research to rid people of this shitty condition, But it's all about medication and money for them, I'm sure there Is a cure out there, if anyone has or knows a good regime for control of type one Please let me know , xchrisjx@gmail.com I need a comrade or two, thx guys !

be your own doctor

being diabetic really sucks! i have type 2, all my doctor wanted to do his give me pills for blood pressure and chlestrol and sugar. I told him, i'll take metmorphin and just exercise and diet for chlestrol and blood pressure. Just did a low carb diet, little exercise it worked. For diabetes my sugar is 200's most of the time because of my high intake of foods healthy and non healthy. so i started taking sugar balance pills from the dollar store, worked wonders. In two days my sugar went down from 270 to 197 with a semi healthy diet(freaking fast food is the devil). Definitly going to mix cinammon and chili peppers into my diet, see what happens

Wow, this is very exciting.

Wow, this is very exciting. I'd like to see what you all think about some of the information I've found on the link between the rise of childhood diabetes and the dairy industry pushing cows milk & other products on us. You can check out www.notmilk.com to see for yourself among many other sites out there. So here's what I've found in my research. Let me know what you think or if you have more information. So we know in schools that milk in pushed on our youth daily, you have to get a dr note to exlude milk from a childs diet at school, which you can only get IF you have an allergy. Baby cows can only drink their mothers milk for a very short time or they will die. A calf will produce an enzyme that helps break down the extremely high protien content in the milk...after the calf quits making the enzyne he can no longer drink it. Cows require much more protien than humans do. On another note...I've found that there is a parasite in the milk that does not die during the pasturization process (according to study done by US gov't not one batch was pasturized correctly). This parasite attacks the pancreas, resulting in diabetes. I've also found links on amalgam (silver) fillings causing endocrine disorders as well as neurological problems. I've had mine removed and with then mercury fillings went my brain fog and severe headaches, as well as my neuropathy symptoms. I'm curious if anyone else has any info or comments about this. Thanks!

Yes there are cures to

Yes there are cures to diabetes ..Im from the uk and know someone whos been treated and had a liver and pancreas transplant.I knew of this when i visited my girlfreind in Canada and talked to my girlfreinds sisters husband who had diabetes about 6 months ago .Hes on a lot of anti rejection pills due to the transplant and looks well ,he used to have to spend $100 a time on insulin cause of the health service over there . The problem with this country is that they dont want to help you and yes i also have diabetes and had it 33 yrs injecting insulin .

Diabetes Type 1 Cure!

In the beloved USA the policy is to treat & not to cure! Diabetes is a billion + industry. Diabetes is spreading more & more everyday with Diabetes Type 2 leading. In our beloved country they are way to many food glutons. Type 1 diabetes also called juvenile diabetes is not preventable as diabetes type 2. Yes there is a cure for Type 1 Diabetes it deals with the inslet cells in the pancreas and transplantation of the cells with a protective layer that allow excretion but with no absorb of the bodies immune system. In Canada diabetics were being cured to save money but here in the USA is not about saving money but making you spend spend one way or another through your insurance, government or your hard cash one way or an other and the more complications the more money for the health care workers $. Yes and the US FDA and everyone in between is just a joke. Ask what happen to glucowatch or the success at US NIH in Bethesda, MD with diabetes and cure you will not get an answer and the Diabetes Association are sell outs. Mary Tyler Moore and Halle Berry all have been cured but not announced publicly in order not to cause to much commotion check the info and ask why my country wants to keep me sick having cure to my diabetes. SAD BUT TRUE


Oh ! How right you are and how sad it is that a disease is made the key ingredient to enrich one's self ! If you'd like to hear my story please reach me at ediriviera@yahoo.com and I'll send you the good news !

God Bless !


permanent cure

Hi Mahendra, you have got mail, please get back to me asap.

Is it really true about Hale

Is it really true about Hale Barry? That is shocking man!!!

Please help find a cure

Please help find a cure for diabetes. It is awful for people to suffer through this and I am not the only one who really wants to find a cure for this disease. Could this "cure" possibly be tested on people's organs who have passed away because of diabetes? If so why not test that way and search faster for a cure?

THERES NOT NO CURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


IT sucks

Ive been a diabetic since I was 4, I'm 21 now and I haven't had been diagnosed with any obvious or serious complications yet. But with my outta-whack sugars and stressful and crazy hectic schedule, it makes it near impossible to keep a firm handle on my type 1 health. It worries me what might happen to me due to my disease and curse. I feel I have so much to live for, but instead of having a regular monkey on my back I have a silver back highland gorilla that's pissed of and banging my brains out! Thanks diabetes...

Whats up man

F*** that silverback bro, you CAN kick his ass. Im 23 and was diagnosed when I was 8, hit me up if you wanna share advice or support or anything. haro.hooligan@gmail.com

Stress of the disease

I would love to start donating money to find a cure for type one diabetes, ive been diabetic since December 15th 2008, (a little over two yrs) and i was only 15 yrs old. Now being a senior in high school, im a brital diabetic with crazy sugars high's and lows & im constanly sick because of it. its very stress full. and the stress is starting to take a hold on me.... i think the cure could be around corner and i hope to go to school to become a endocrinologist and hope to help find the cure.

I feel you about the stress

I'm 40 years old... quite a bit older than you... and i'm the mom of two sweet and smart kids. They and my husband are helping me count carbs. I'm blind and have traumatic arthritis. I think it's probably called another name... but got it when I broke my leg eight years ago. So I'm always in pain and then now have this new thing to deal with. It's like what's next? I told everyone when I found out, well at least I don't have to worry about my eye sight going. It's already gone. I got a few chuckles out of that. Anyway, nobody has asked the obvious question. If capsasin does the trick... SP why don't people just take mega doses of capsasin? Maybe we can't inject it into our pancrious but I know for sure I can't eat lots of hot peppers. I just don't have that kind of pallot. I thought about even volunteering for that study where you get stung in your arthritic areas by bees because bee stings contain capsasin. I decided that I am not that brave.


Hey there!I totally agree with you. Why must we give money to cancer and nobody gives a shit about diabetes. I will support that individual 100% who starts a campain to donate money to diabetes!!!

Good luck with your crazy sugars, just remember your not alone!!!


Sounds like another pie-in-the-sky idea. I think the last paragraph of this article contains the best advice.


My 16 year old boyfriend has had diabetes since about 3rd grade.. we have been dating over a year and i have watched him struggle with this dumb disease almost everyday... i really really want to help him and everyone else suffering with it.. a 16 year old shouldnt have to worry about having a heartattack at school :( if anyone has serious info on anything that could help him please reply to this comment or something and i will give you my email.. im serious about this. oh and its bullshit if they are worried about losing money if we rid the world of this disease


Im 23 and have had diabetes since I the 3rd grade too.. My email is haro.hooligan@gmail.com, I dont know what exactly your bf is struggling w/, but Id be glad to give you two any advice I can. Keep your head up!

a friend told me

iam a single father of two wonderfull girls and have been diabetic for 21 years and have comclacations i heard this and siad "yea how many imes i heard that one" then i heard from a couple of other peaple and spiked my intrest and read several news sources saying the same thing i looked at my girls and simlied from ear to ear if this works it will be nohing sort of a gift from god p.s. where do i sing


I'm a 26 yrold male diabetic of 23yrs. I have just stumbled across this news of a cure. Sign me up. As a guinia pig. My first memory is being in the hosbital 2 or 3 years old and being diagnosed. Jesus I might self distruct at the thought of a cure much less the reality of one. Anyway 23 years and so far no complications. Although I wish I could have had my teenage years without it. That was the hardest part of this journey by far. To all you newbies hang in there its hard but you'll be harder before its all said an done with.

The only "it " that comes between me and chocolate is Diabetes.

Eating food that release energy slowly does help (LG Index.) Example brown wholemeal bread, wholemeal pasta, rye bread, potato with skins. When I feel hungry, I "wrestle" myslef to eat carrot or slightly not overripe banana or just drink oat with NO sugar.

When eating meat I always throw away the fat skins.

I occasionally eat chocolate ( dark one...70% cocoa) and then go starve myself!!! Not recommended....lol!

I Love chocolate. I Hate chocolate. Its a Love Hate Relationship..but "we" manage to live alongside each other! Occasionally "invade" each other's space.

Hot chilli peppers?

I guess, I will eat chilli peppers everyDay!!! Which type ? The hot one or the big normal not hot at all one?

I find it running on a treadmill help reduce sugar level ( Type 1) BUT that means I have to run ALL MY LIFE!

What I would do...

To put it in to words, I would give my life to rid this horrendous disease from this planet! I have only had it for 6.5 yrs and already I am feeling the horrible effects of it... I am just shy of 18 years old, and I made a vow to myself that I would do what ever it takes to get rid of this disease. I plan on becoming an endocrinologist and working in this field. I would love if I turned on the TV and was told there was a cure. But I agree with everyone that the companies would rather keep people suffering than cure the disease. We can go to the moon, but we can't cure a disease like this? Insulin was first discovered back in the early 1920's... Nothing has changed since then. Hopefully one day SOON, I can help find the cure and let it be known, even if it takes my own life.

A cure

I'm so glad that I found this site today as never before have I been overwhelmed to find people who think alike and who are suffering with the dreaded disease as I have. Please see my comment posted today. I'd love to discuss the matter with you in detail and if you'd like, please reach me at ediriviera@yahoo.com and I'll send you my story which is phenomenal, even I can't still believe that I'm completely cured and I want to share the glorious experience with all the world.

Kind regards - Mahendra - Sri Lanka.


just sent an e-mail to ediriviera@yahoo.com but It came back as undeliverable?