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As the mother of a child with Type 1 diabetes, Roxana Reynolds saw the...
As one might expect from an epidemic that continues to get larger ever...
High blood sugar levels can spell danger for a diabetic, especially if...
The different sugar content of fruits can be confusing when you are tr...
Scientists at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies found they could re...
A lightweight pair of eyeglasses that can monitor a patient's pupils might...
A common kitchen staple, canola oil, could help control blood sugar in peop...
Diabetics often don't realize how many beverages are off limits until they...
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Planning out your day of meals the night before can really help you stay on track… Do it!!  I...
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If you’re a regular reader of my posts on Joyful Diabetic, you know that I’ve lost momentum and have...
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10 outstanding fit tips 1. Be physically active. 2. Eat protein at every meal. 3. Don’t keep treats...

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The Diabetes Support Group at SupportGroups.com builds awareness and support for people with Diabetes. Share experiences and get support in a confidential, caring environment.

Science is a big part of Diabetes management and research. The Internet has many resources available and there are many apps available on your Phone and Computer. Get the health information you are looking for now.