Recent Study Shows Women with Diabetes Have Low Sex Drive

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Almost half of the women who have type 1 or 2 diabetes say they have a low sex drive. They also report having a loss of spontaneity and do not reach orgasm during sex.

MicroMass Study

The information above was part of a study called MicroMass. Researchers conducted the study using a survey system in which about 800 women participated. Many of the women reported not only having a low sex drive but also difficulty choosing the correct foods and managing their weight. Half of the women stated that managing their diabetes was a major challenge.

Andi Kravitz Weiss, MPH

"Our research shows that women with diabetes have far more confidence in their ability to take their medications than they have in their ability to make basic lifestyle changes. As a result, healthcare providers should be providing education and support programs that help build that confidence so that women can learn how to make the lifestyle changes necessary to successfully manage their diabetes."


Motivating these women is a challenging aspect of keeping their diabetes under control. It is all about lifestyle changes and some women are reluctant to change. Many diabetic women (just like non-diabetic) have children, families and jobs that require attention. Some of the women in the study openly admitted that caring for others before themselves was something they did often.