Mobile Application for Diabetics Has Been Approved By FDA


The mobile application made by the Baltimore-based health software company WellDoc has been approved by the FDA. WellDoc can now start marketing the application.

The mobile application is called Diabetes Manager System. It is a mobile phone application for diabetics and healthcare providers. The system allows the diabetics to communicate with diabetic healthcare providers.

How it Works

The application collects blood sugar levels from the diabetic and then analyzes it to see if any trends are present in the blood sugar levels such as highs and lows at certain times of the day.

If the diabetic is for example showing a trend of running high then the application will provide advice on how to correct the problem quickly based on the built in program. The application also offers advice and information on lifestyle changes that can help diabetic’s better control their diabetes.

Diabetic Data Sent to Their Doctor

The application is also capable of sending the information it collects to the diabetics doctor. This allows the doctor to be aware of any potential emergency situations and also cuts back on the amount of office visits as the patient and doctor can communicate using the mobile phone.

The data collected also goes to WellDoc and the company is then able to send information and tips that are tailored to met the individual’s needs.