Hot Weather Hazards for Diabetics


Many diabetics may not realize the hazards that the hot summer weather can have. Hot weather can be very dangerous for an unaware diabetic in certain situations.

You may have noticed that during the summer months your blood sugar levels are higher or that your insulin or oral prescription medications do not seem to work as effectively.

How Weather Affects The Body

A study done at the Mayo clinic lead by Dr. Adrienne Nassar concluded that during warm temperatures even 80 degrees with humid conditions could produce harmful effects for diabetics. People with diabetes do not sweat as much as non-diabetics, which, increases their chance of becoming dehydrated, and humidity does not allow the body to cool down naturally, as it does with a non-diabetic.

Another hot weather hazard that diabetics should be aware of is how the warm temperature can cause their oral medications and insulin to become less effective. Even your meter and strips can be affected by the warm weather and give false readings.

It is important to live life but it is also very important to make sure you take the necessary measures to keep your medications, meters and strips in working condition. You may be able to find an insulated cooler (NO ice) to keep your insulin, oral medications and equipment at the required temperature so they can perform their jobs correctly.

Keep Yourself Safe

As for keeping yourself safe in the heat be sure to drink extra water to keep your body well hydrated and limit the amount of time, you spend outside when the temperatures and humidity are up.