FDA puts Avandia Back on the Market


After the FDA pulled the popular diabetic medication Avandia off the market, they have decided to make it available again. The main question surrounding Avandia when it was taken off the market was what appeared to be an increase in heart attacks in diabetics who were taking the medication.

After taking a long hard look at the medication and the side effects, then factoring in that fact that diabetics have an increased risk of heart disease already the FDA and manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline could not determine if the medication was the cause of the increase in heart disease or if it was the diabetes.

Avandia was the most used diabetic medication in the United States until the questions and uncertainties about the increase in heart attacks became a factor. Many diabetics are happy the medication is available again despite the bad reputation it picked up along the way.

However, it is not over yet the FDA requires GlaxoSmithKline to continue with the current study and to compare the benefits of Actos another diabetic medication to that of Avandia which they expect to take about five years. For now, Avandia is back on the market and many diabetics are happy about that!