Why Some Obese People Become Diabetics and Others Do Not


Scientists have proven repeatedly that diabetes is a hereditary disease. However, not all diabetics have a family history of diabetes so obliviously there are other contributing factors that can and do determine who may become diabetic.

The Obesity Theory

Theory may not be the best word to use, as there is some clinical evidence to support the findings that obesity can and does in fact cause in diabetes however, not in every obese individual male or female. Typically, speaking obese women are at a higher risk of developing diabetes than men. Perhaps this is because men generally have a higher metabolism than women do.

Healthy Obesity -VS- Non Healthy Obesity

Now I realize that healthy obesity and non-healthy obesity really does not make very much since so to explain obesity in general is unhealthy. Although, when we are talking about obesity and diabetes there is a difference.

Some obese people develop an inflammation in the pathways that prevent the body’s insulin to become resistant which leads to diabetes. In other obese people the “healthy” obese the pathways do not become inflamed therefore, the pathway is clear for the body’s insulin to work normally.

Doctors recommend that obese people lose weight by following a healthy well balanced diet and get regular exercise. At this time there is no test to predict if an obese person will develop diabetes other than the few standard pre-diabetic tests available to everyone whether obese or not.