Ketone Testing Kits

Ketone Testing Saves Lives

Survey discoveries published today by Abbott and 'Children with Diabetes', CWD, prove that higher than 33% of parents of children with type-1 diabetes don't know about an at home blood ketone test which may help to prevent the onset or indicence of Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA), often referred to as diabetic coma. DKA is a sometimes fatal complaint and is the leading reason for death of youngsters with diabetes mellitus.

Ketones are substances created in the blood when fat is converted for energy because insulin levels are too low. Significant insulin drops and elevated blood ketone levels can lead to DKA. Regular testing for ketones during times of sickness, when the chance of ketones is usually higher, is required to recognise and stop DKA in children with type one diabetes, who generate not enough, or no insulin.

Statistics from the report, carried out by the non-profit group Children with Diabetes (CWD) working alongside Abbott Diabetes Care, established that greater than 30% of guardians test the ketone levels of their children less than three times a month The majority of mothers and fathers stated that they test for ketones more often when the child is sick, but 30 percent are in ignorance of the fact that testing blood ketones may be done quite simply in their own home using a meter. Additional results illustrated that 75% of mothers and fathers of children with diabetes mellitus are still using the older urine ketone test procedure with a slower outcome. In addition, 40% of participants surveyed said that their youngsters had taken many days of school as a result of diabetes-related sickness.