The Politics of Diabetes-Compatible eating?

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Aside from cooking for guests, being a chef in a restaurant involves math. As a person with Diabetes, I use math in tracking my carbohydrate intake. A chef needs to keep track of what is selling and how much of this and that is on hand at any given time. Now as a chef/writer, I find myself keeping track of what recipes YOU like, and who likes what recipes.

As sure as it is today, fish recipes get the most criticism and the least positive response. I guess if you are forced to eat fish as a kid, you get to rebel as an adult. So I am now used to the: “ugh fish” comments. Will this stop me from sharing fish recipes with you… probably not BUT I find myself thinking twice before posting them. I did a “killer” salmon this week with soy, lemon, ginger, and topped with sunflower seeds. I thought it would be great to share with you but stopped short of taking pictures of it and eating a semi-warm dinner so you could see how the dish looks. We eat what we cook here.

The other food like fish in terms of negative responses is eggplant. I have quite a number of eggplant dishes but tend not to post those either. I love you, eggplant, and fish; but some foods are like politics, best left out of the conversation.

What really fascinates me is the response to chicken. As a group of recipes, my chicken recipes get the biggest response from you. It is interesting that 3-4 years ago I did an article in response to a reader that:

“Could not face another plate of baked chicken with a vegetable on the side”

So I did a piece telling him and everybody else how versatile chicken is. How it has such a neutral taste that it “sponges up” the flavors around it. Maybe I am remembering wrong but I always remember chicken having a very distinct and delicious taste of its own. Perhaps the breeders have bred out the taste as they bred in the huge size of today’s birds. Am I soapboxing again about the big birds? The chicken recipes remain the most popular as a group, followed by beef recipes. I can’t calculate how the pork recipes do since I have not featured one lately. I will check Saturday morning’s recipe HERE AT Diabetes Support for PORK CHOPS PROVENCAL.

The next group is the vegetables. If you are like me, the protein part of the meal is pretty easy to come up with night after night. With the limitations on rice, pasta, potatoes, the side dishes have taken on new importance. Some nights it is a chore to come up with something new and easily doable for the side dish. I still thank the people that freeze spinach for rescuing me more often than not. What is strange is that I am finding less and less simple frozen spinach in the freezer cases. Lots of creamed stuff, and spinach with…. But the simple chopped spinach is starting to disappear from the shelves. Are we so caught up with “fresh” that frozen items seem a little less than perfect? Now that may be true for some vegetables, but frozen spinach is every bit as good and nutritious as fresh.

I am pleased that some of my vegetable dishes are working well for you and me.

The funny category is desserts. When I began writing here in 2013, I usually got the best response from dessert recipes. That has now changed. Some do very well, others seem to be of little interest to you. What is fun is that I get more positive responses from men than women. I have to wonder why. Have women (like my late sister) been beaten over the head so much about their body image, they don’t react to dessert? It is true that more desserts are consumed by men in a restaurant than women. The second fork or spoon is still a common practice in many restaurants. Ladies…if a dessert with 12-15 grams of carbohydrates is within your daily carbohydrate budget, I hope you will have another look at some of my dessert recipes.

I have to guess that YOU as readers are looking for something either special for guests or special for your family that does not involve a lot of work.

My most popular, well received recipe of all that I have featured is my Sweet and Sour (Hungarian) Cucumbers (they are so popular that Diabetes Support featured them again a few weeks ago). Not by just a few responses but by two or three times the response to ANY OTHER RECIPE. It amuses the devil out of me. It is such an easy, almost throw away recipe that I just do to add a “little something” to a plate when I don’t think there is enough quantity or variety. It is such a snap to make that I always have a cucumber in the fridge just in case.

It doesn’t matter which of the recipes is your favorite. What does matter to me is that what I can share with you is of some use in managing your Diabetes and taking back your table.

ENJOY!!! Be happy, be healthy, and BE DECADENT! –w

Source: Ward Alper, the Decadent Diabetic