Love, Caring, and Diabetes…and the Bake Sale

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Former First Lady Nancy Reagan passed away a few months ago. The news was filled with stories about the love she and her husband shared. Clearly it was a great romance.

I would like to talk about some other great loves in the diabetes community. How many husbands and wives go all out to find ways of making their spouses healthier? I know that it is not only people with diabetes that are reading here. Their loved ones are right there with them, and in many cases for them. These are the LOVE STORIES.

There is a great (in my less-than-humble opinion) couple from Wisconsin that have become online friends of mine. The husband is the one with diabetes. The wife is the one that found this site and has tried many of my recipes. From what she tells me she makes my recipe for Skinny Slaw almost as often as I do. It is something they can both enjoy and he gets to have a big helping of it on his plate. Although I have never met them, I sense we are good friends. We all like food!

The wife (let us call her Jennifer after the character in the movie) said this to me:

“We ‘cook’ for each other....we would NOT have it any other way! There is something very ‘loving’ about being able to cook or bake for the one you love...knowing how much they are going to ‘enjoy’ your new found recipe that will keep their blood glucose where they want it.”

Ollie & Jennifer…lay back.

Not all of my recipes work for them. Unlike me, they are wheat free. What they do is make some of my desserts without the crusts. Each of us has to adapt a recipe to make it work. Sometimes a crust is only there to hold the filling. I work very hard at making great tasting crusts. I hate it when you get to the edge of a tart and it tastes like cardboard. I love that they are willing to adjust the recipe(s) for their needs.

The other part of their love and support is verbal. My friend is her husband’s biggest cheerleader and support system. That she uses my words and thoughts to make him keep at it, feel less upset if the numbers are a little higher one day, fills me with pride. My romance is with you. That anything I can do makes it happier and easier for any one of you is beyond words for me.

Another of my online friends has a grandchild, not with diabetes but with a nut allergy. To cut down on the carbohydrates, I used toasted ground nuts to replace some of the flour. She loves this kid a “whole bunch plenty”. What she does is the same thing but for another reason. She leaves off the crusts. This way they all get to enjoy a flavor that he thought would never be theirs to eat again. For her and her grandchild, I am working on a few recipes replacing the nuts or nut flours with other things.

These people, and many other people that contact me, warm my heart. It may seem like such a little thing to adjust your cooking and way of eating for the needs of another, but it is the essence of loving and caring.

Another reader wrote to me and said:

“My mother is very bad. She loves food and is not taking care with what she eats. I will show her your recipes (she doesn’t use a computer) and I hope she will see that there are still good things to eat. Thank you for sharing with us.”

As I see it, thank YOU for caring and loving your mother enough to look for things to tempt her into eating better.

I was almost knocked over in the “stupidmarket” the other day. I was in the baking aisle. Hey, I need baking soda and vanilla just like everybody else. There was this lady moving around cans of frosting on the shelf. She flagged down a worker and asked if they had any frosting without sugar. You gotta know I could not leave this alone. I had to ask why she was looking for sugar free frosting. I admit it is none of my business but I couldn’t help myself. Boy was I glad I asked her about the sugar free frosting. This was her reply:

“I am doing a bake sale for my church and there are so many people with diabetes, I didn’t want them to look at all the goodies and know they couldn’t have any.”

She took my breath away. How loving and caring is that woman? Her generosity of spirit is overwhelming.

She was as happy that I asked as I was. I explained to her what I do and gave her the recipe for a cream cheese frosting using a sugar substitute. I explained that she could color it and flavor it using extracts and from one base come up with a bunch of flavors. We made each other's day.

How lovely to know that there are people out there that care enough to go a little further to make others feel welcomed, respected, and loved.

With all the negativity in the world I am so happy to know that there are millions of you out there in cyberspace, loving and caring for your spouses, children, grandchildren, parents, and friends.

THANK YOU. You make my days and the days of the ones you care about.

ENJOY!!! Be happy, be healthy, and BE DECADENT! –w