I Want it Now! I Won’t Take No for an Answer!


Being diagnosed with diabetes does not stop you from wanting the foods you have always loved. It is how YOU choose to manage those desires that makes you the “boss” of your diabetes.

I have this friend, I will call her Maude. Like me she has type 2 diabetes. Maude is having a tough time of it. Like all of use she has been informed about watching her intake of carbohydrates. She knows that not taking care of herself may lead to problems down the road. Maude just does not want to give up the foods and flavors she has always eaten. I also have a friend I will call Harold. He is married to Maude. He too has type 2 diabetes. He is not having a tough time of it. Like Maude, he knows what he should do but frankly could give a rats backside about it. Both Maude and Harold are not willing to choose to change their way of eating, more importantly, their way of thinking. Maude follows diabetes websites religiously, likes what she reads and the recipes there, but that is for now, as far as it goes. Harold on the other hand continues to eat ice cream and cake. He refuses to cut down on his portion size. Maude beats herself up for not doing what she thinks she is supposed to do. Harold is the person others might point to and say: “Well no wonder he has diabetes.”

Which one do you think is better off?

There is NO correct answer. No question both Maude and Harold may face some problems down the road. Maude compounds the issue by being unhappy that she is “not being good.” Harold on the other hand is perhaps accelerating the onset of physical problems by deliberately defying those that tell him what he should do, but feels empowered by that defiance. Having diabetes is simply not part of his consciousness. Harold is clearly going to have a better time getting there.

I, on the other hand, choose to do what I can and make it as interesting a journey as I know how. We all make our own choices. All I can do is share what is working for me. I know that some of my recipes have too many grams of carbohydrates for some people. I know that some people cringe at my use of artificial sweeteners. It is simply what works for me and my family so we can be healthier and eat, “real good.”

Both these people are friends. I am not their doctor or nutritionist or parent. No matter how much I care about them, I can not make them change their method of thinking about food. All I can do is tell them about what works for me, remind them that there are tons of foods that are not going to cause them additional diabetes problems, and support and love them for who they are. Sometimes I think this is tougher for me to witness than it is for them to live. I GET IT. They want what they want and won’t take no for an answer. They are not about to give up a lifetime of food experiences and memories, regardless of the possible consequences.

I was once asked to write and share recipes on a diabetes-specific website. One of the caveats was that the website administrator gave me was that their readers were from a certain part of the country. Despite their diabetes they were not interested in trying anything new or too far out of the ordinary. The readers were basic meat and potatoes folk. Well the meat may be fine, clearly the taters not so much. The attitude is these people just don’t and won’t try new things. My attitude is that the more you try new things, the bigger your repertory of foods, the easier it gets to stick to a new way of eating. The more fun your life and your table become. I decided that as not the site for me to share my thoughts and recipes with. The attitude has got to change, the menus have to become so interesting that the “old ways” are re-created to be better choices for them, and “new” tastes become new favorites. So what happens? I still want what I want but what I NOW want tastes and feels so good it is not a sacrifice or hardship to live a healthier diabetic lifestyle.

As For Maude and Harold, I’m working at it.

For those of you that also want what they want when they want it, and ABSOLUTELY refuse to give it up, check out my cheesecake recipe (posted yesterday morning).It is, I promise you as good as any cheesecake you have ever eaten.
Enjoy, be happy, be Healthy, BE DECADENT!

Source: Ward Alper, the Decadent Diabetic