Finding a Diabetes-Compatible Cookbook?


My Friends Mary Kay and Marcia asked me again when I will have a cookbook ready for you. The answer is not so fast.

I too prefer to have a book rather than a tablet spread across my kitchen counter to follow step by step and to see what the finished product will look like. There is something about a book with pages to turn and reveal the ending of the cooking story. I know you can download one of my recipes and if you like it well enough, stick it into a plastic sleeve and stick it on the refrigerator.

The problem in producing THE cookbook is that the kind of cookbook I would like, and I think YOU the Diabetes community deserves, costs a lot of money to produce and takes a long time to produce it.

In the meantime there are dozens of Diabetes cookbooks out there. It is up to you to look at them and decide which ones have recipes that best suit YOUR needs. There is no sense in getting a book that has a lot of (ugh!) fish recipes in it if you don’t eat fish.

The other option is to do an internet search for a dish you hope to prepare. It is easy and you will come up with dozens of options. All you have to do then is alter them to suit…. you guessed it…YOUR needs and taste preferences.

Another alternative is to look right here at Diabetes Support and Information about Diabetes. There is an entire section devoted to recipes. I am pleased to say it even includes many of my recipes.

Someday I will produce a cookbook for you. …but it will have to be one you would be happy to keep open on your kitchen counter. It will have to be professionally photographed.

The pictures you see of my recipes come from my “little” camera even with a bit of advice from a friend of mine who is a theatrical lighting designer and another who is a professional theater photographer seldom turn out to represent the dish I have prepared for you and me. (My family and I eat what I photograph even if it gets cold in the process. I take dozens of pictures of each dish. If I am lucky, I get one good shot. Other times, I get comments like “that looks like worms in the spinach.”

No, I seldom (NEVER) use worms to make any of my spinach dishes. Right in front of me or a guest the dishes look scrumptious. However, my photography skills being what they are, the picture as often as not looks a lot less appetizing. Now, part of it is that I am photographing the actual dish that I will eventually eat. To get a really great photo of a roast turkey, professional food stagers usually resort to using a raw turkey painted with shades of brown shoe polish. I don’t do that for a number of reasons:

  1. You can’t very well wash off the turkey and roast it later.
  2. I don’t have that kind of artistry.
  3. I want you to see what the dish really looks like from a HOME kitchen.

For the sake of not wasting blackberries, I stuffed some paper towels in the center of a cake and placed the berries carefully on the paper. It looked terrific until….I saw the shot. My eye could not detect the paper but the camera could. I kept stuffing the cake until there was no towel showing before I reshot the pictures. Finally I got one good shot out of 30-+40.

Another issue is that a cookbook for people with Diabetes is a niche book. It doesn’t have a broad audience. Many times the reaction I get is a polite form of “a cookbook for sick people?” It is why I TRY and inject (all pun intended) as much tongue in cheek humor as I can into my articles and recipe notes.

I tell you this because I am often asked why I don’t self-publish. If I were doing this to make a buck, I might have considered it. But when there is a book, it is for you and needs to be something for all of us to be proud to own. More important, it comes back to what the final product might look like.

Those of you that keep reading here know how strongly I feel about people with Diabetes getting less bang for their buck than everybody else. Why settle for a dish that does not taste as good as it should simply because it is Diabetes-Compatible? My answer is that you/we shouldn’t.

Will there be a cookbook in the future? I don’t know. I have been very strongly supported by an editor at a major publishing house. However, I am not a celebrity chef, only an everyday restaurant chef. A large publishing house wants to KNOW that there is a demand for it before they spend the money to produce it.

Until then, get out those plastic paper protectors and download what YOU like from my site….and cook it!

My apologies for your messy looking refrigerator door.

ENJOY!!! Be happy, be healthy, and BE DECADENT! –w

Source: Ward Alper, The Decadent Diabetic