Every Diabetic Should Go to the Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market

VEGETABLES. There I said it. I know, I know, many of us with Diabetes are sick and tired of eating vegetables instead of what we think we really want to eat. I am here to tell you that all those little green, red, white things are NOT the enemy. Think Christmas (red, white and green). Vegetables don’t HAVE to be awful. Prepared right and with a little imagination they can steal the show on your plate.

Not convinced? How about going to your local farmer’s market?

Why You Should Go

1- You get out in the fresh air

2- You get to see people looking very funny as they sort through funny looking vegetables.

Here in Maine, Fiddleheads are a local delicacy. They taste a little like asparagus but without the side effects of asparagus.

Quickly cooked with butter or olive oil, they are a real treat. Warning: they can be a pain to clean but the final result is just delicious.

3- VARIETY. You get to see and taste some amazing products. Even lettuce (what can be more basic than that?) comes in colors and textures you can’t even imagine until you see them piled up on a farmer’s table.

4- You get to support your local (ish) economy. Most vendors don’t travel for more than 10-20 miles from where they grow the produce.

5- It is like a carnival atmosphere. Many markets attract not only growers but musicians and street performers. Watching your purchase of celery tossed in the air by a juggler is a fun experience.

6- FLAVOR!!! The difference in the flavors of produce that has not been shipped in refrigerated containers is vastly superior to what you can find in the “stupidmarket”. Yes, even that simple lettuce, or better yet a locally grown cucumber sitting there in a bucket of iced water is delicious enough to tempt anybody’s palate. A tomato that has never seen a cooler will bring back memories of your childhood.

How Food Should Be

They actually taste like a tomato, not just a red orb with seeds. Stacks of beans, green and other colors, should tempt you give them a shot. Broccoli (not favored by some Presidents) fresh off the farm taste nothing like the crowns and stalks you see in you “stupidmarkets”.

It has a sweetness that could change the way you look at it. Bunches of fresh basil scent the air and might even get you to try your hand at pesto sauce. It is very quick and easy to make ( unless you make buckets of it like I do) and it adds great flavor to chicken, fish and makes the best green eggs and ham ever.

But there is usually more. Many farmers sell fresh eggs. A fresh egg is to a market egg, like butter is to margarine. Once you try them, it might be your excuse to return to the farmer’s market week after week. It is easier to buy them there than to raise your own chickens.
Speaking of chickens and pork, you might even find vendors at the market selling

Full Disclosure:
Vegetables found at the farmer’s markets still have the same number of carbohydrates as those in big markets. Isn’t that great? Better flavor for the same number of carbohydrates…I am in Farmer’s heaven.

ENJOY!!! Be happy, be healthy, enjoy the adventure, and BE DECADENT! –w!

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Photo credit: momentcaptured1 on Flickr