Doing the Best I Can with Diabetes…and Life


Over eight years since my diagnosis. I am doing very well. My A1C is still in the 5.3-5.5 range. My blood pressure and cholesterol are great. I have maintained most of the weight I have lost. I see a few more wrinkles in the mirror, but all and all, I am doing the best I can with Diabetes…and life.

Better that that as I can smell the batch of Pecan shortbread cookies (3.2 grams of carbohydrates per cookie) that just came out of my oven (recipe coming soon). I baked them to go with a very adult tasting egg custard. Hey, even us old folk need kid-like comfort food. Dinner tonight is a chicken pot pie made with the leftovers from the gi-gunda chicken breasts I keep finding at the “stupidmarket”. Waste not, want not. Figuring out how to make the most of what we put on the table is not only for us with Diabetes.

Life is better than I was lead to believe all those years ago. I get to share my thoughts and recipes will over a million people a week. Many of you are excited to see a new recipe and enjoy reading what I write. I am always appreciative of the positive comments you share with us. Flattery will get you almost everywhere.

“The first time I stumbled across your page, I literally cried because I found somethings I could really enjoy. Thank you for once again sharing that bitter experience and reminding me that I can do this.”

My friend Cassie encouraged me to write and share recipes on line. As a self- professed techno-idiot, I was petrified. I never expected the great response from all of you over the years.

Some of us, me included, are not joiners. We are not likely to participate in a group with strangers and share our thoughts and concerns. Even if we suspect that it might be of value, we simply don’t feel comfortable airing our Diabetes in a public way. The internet is great for us. There are hundreds of sites about Diabetes where we can find information and recipes to assist us in coping with what we are going to HAVE to live with. It is great that we can find what we need wearing our floppy slippers and…well you fill in the blank. We get to remain anonymous and still are able to access the information we seek.

It is too easy to feel lost and bewildered with what we can do and are willing to do to control our disease. Some professionals are full of knowledge but have either been doing it so long that is has lost its punch; or they no longer see our needs as a person before our needs as a patient. They don’t always give us the support we need.

Even on the internet we can make a personal connection and find some assistance. There should be no judgements from anyone. The information is there in many forms and we get to choose what we want to do with it.

It is a privilege and an honor that I can be part of that for some of you. I can hope that what is working for me will work in part for you. But I know each of us is different. Each of us has a different carbohydrate budget. It is also very clear that not all of us like an artichoke (one of my first articles). Find foods you do love and create new ways to prepare those foods.

I hope you can find some recipes that you are interested in giving a shot. I won’t be hurt if you make changes to them to suit your needs and likes. I also hope that my articles have been of support and a chuckle for you.

I am pleased you share with you what I know and what have learned. To paraphrase a song from Chorus Line: Use the best of me, change the rest of me.

Enjoy, be happy, be Healthy, BE DECADENT.-w!