Diabetes-Compatible Eating…Make it simple

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A diagnosis of diabetes suggests that you may have to change the way you eat and the way you look at what you eat. It does not, however, have to be complicated. It is really NOT about re-inventing the wheel but more about changes to your (food) wheel that make the road smoother. The foods that work easily for managing your diabetes are not any different than what you have been eating for years. Nothing is so awful that you have to create complicated recipes to cover up the taste of your food.

Some recipes can be complicated. They involve more steps and ingredients than other recipes. For me, these tend to be special occasion recipes. Not what you might make every day or every week but for a special holiday. Face it, how many of us make corned beef and cabbage more than once a year? Or for that matter a whole turkey? The recipes are there for you to know that YOU CAN. You can, but you don’t have to get that involved, unless you or a loved one has a chocolate craving and for their birthday you make a King of the Night Cake. Yes this cake recipe takes a little more time and effort, but who is more worth it than you…or that loved one?

Diabetes-compatible recipes don’t have to be complicated. You can make them complicated (just the way you did before) but you get to choose how involved a recipe has to be to satisfy both your taste-buds and help you manage your disease.

One of my most popular recipes is Hungarian cucumbers (sweet and sour cucumbers). It could not be easier to prepare. It takes only three everyday ingredients (cucumber, vinegar, and a sweetener) and a result that will make your mouth water. You can make it more involved if you want to, but the original recipe is great. Many readers have memories of a similar dish that a parent or grandparent would make. They would add sliced onions or sour cream or yogurt to the recipe. Still an easy and still delicious recipe and still low carbohydrate.

You also don’t have to eat slab–o-meat or slab-o-chicken. Try a simple “magic” sauce like Remoulade or Royal caper sauces. Each has only 3 or 4 ingredients and takes some very basic (almost boring) foods to new and delicious heights. The sauces take less than 5 minutes to prepare and the Remoulade sauce will stay in the fridge for weeks. You can even coat a piece of chicken with the Remoulade sauce and bake it in the oven. The sauce not only flavors the chicken but helps keep it moist. See what I mean “Magic” sauce?

Nothing can be easier than a pan sauce. Remove the protein you have been cooking (beef, chicken, pork, or fish) from the pan, add a little chopped onion and a liquid like broth or wine and scrape up the cooked bits from the pan. Reduce the liquid down by about half and spoon over the protein. It takes just a few minutes but makes an outrageous difference to the flavors of your food.

Making smashed cauliflower is not any more difficult than making smashed spuds. I treat the cauliflower EXACTLY the same way I did the potatoes and the result, although different, is a scrumptious side for your pot roast, or anything else you used to serve with mashed potatoes. The process is still little more than boiling water and seasoning the cooked cauliflower.

I have posted a lot of cake recipes. I know that “sweets” are some of the most missed items from a Diabetic-Compatible menu. I want to offer up the possibility of still having a people sized portion of a dessert with all the flavor (sometimes more) and far less of the carbohydrates. Some readers have commented that these recipes have too many ingredients and too many steps. I am good with that observation. However, if you have been paying close attention, you might have noticed that ALL of the cake recipes have the same basic ingredients and the same instructions. All I am doing for you are slight flavor alterations to a “master” recipe. The concept is that once you have master one of these recipes, you have really mastered all of them. Making them over and over again, they will become as simple for you as baking chicken.

Don’t get stressed by cooking for yourself or a loved one. Stand up in your kitchen and relax. Eating to manage YOUR Diabetes (deliciously) can be a piece of….CAKE.

Source: Ward Alper, the Decadent Diabetic