Diabetes-Compatible Eating…Keep the Faith


I am saddened as a person, and encouraged as a writer, by the comments I see so often on how difficult it is for some of you to find YOUR way to create a sustainable Diabetes-Compatible menu plan. This week I want to share with you a comment made a few years ago by one of my readers and some suggestions on finding your way through the hills and valleys of eating and managing YOUR diabetes.

“I have been in touch with the author, Ward Alper, THE Decadent Diabetic. It was when I first became diabetic. He really has inspired me to keep the faith and keep plugging! It is doable!”

The entire purpose of my writing and sharing recipes is to be of some small (yes I mean that) assistance to some of you that struggle to eat in a way to help keep your Diabetes in check.

I felt alone and lost eight years ago. I looked online for recipes and suggestions about eating with Diabetes. Some were good, some so-so. Some I would not feed to a ______. As chef and eater, so-so ain’t good enough.

Last week’s article was about keeping it simple. The simple truth is that many of the foods you have always eaten are still available to you. Since 2008 I have focused more on what we/I can eat and not so much on what we/I can’t eat.

I would like to suggest to you that you find 5 foods that you like and are Diabetes-Compatible. 5 too many? How about 3? Then all you have to do is look up a few preparations for each of those few foods. What you wind up with is a big bunch of things that you enjoy eating. You just need to place them in a rotation on your table. Doable? You better believe it.

No need to force yourself to eat foods you don’t like. You have Diabetes not a nutrient deficiency.

I use a lot of cauliflower nowadays to replace the potato and rice from my “old” menus. I made some “riced” cauliflower for last night’s dinner. We (I do not live alone in a vacuum) decided it was the best version I ever prepared. All I did was to add a little more chicken broth to the pan. That is it. It just made it richer and, dare I say it, more rice-like? I won’t pretend that cauliflower is a perfect substitute for potatoes or rice. It is a perfectly delicious food on its own. That it looks a little like potato and can be used in a lower carbohydrate dish that is a thing wonderful unto itself. As I mention in my CAULIFLOWER SALAD (S) recipe, my 17 year old neighbor liked it better than plain old potato salad. See, he did not feel that he HAD to have cauliflower rather than potato; he simply tasted what was in front of him and evaluated it on its own merits.

I also know for some of you, the taste of cauliflower is horrid. That is fine too. Just avoid the cauliflower recipes and find other items that work for you, say spaghetti squash? Not everybody likes everything.

I liked chocolate ice cream even though I knew vanilla is the best-selling flavor world-wide. What does that say about flavor? For me it is pretty simple. I like chocolate but am not planning to rule out vanilla. If most people like it, how bad can it really be? I can always put chocolate sauce over it.

Using new spices, cooking methods can be the “chocolate sauce” on your new foods. What should make it easier for you is to find YOUR way to satisfying YOUR taste-buds without letting your mind get in the way .It is ok not to like a food. That is if you have given it a chance. Me and the lima bean, for example.

When I started doing Diabetes-Compatible recipes, not every one was a winner. It took years for me to work out what flavors I liked and what flavors went directly to the trash. The great fascination now is that a tweak of an older recipe can reveal something entirely new and even more delicious. The evolution continues. It is completely up to you to let go of old habits and embrace new ones. The only one that stands to gain from this attitude is YOU.

My continued low A1C and good health has made it all worth it. More so those readers who have told me about getting their own aha! moment and gone on to create what will work for them..

If I can be a spark for you…I am grateful.

Before I forget,

Enjoy, be happy, be Healthy, BE DECADENT!

Source: Ward Alper, the Decadent Diabetic