Challenges and Adventures in Eating with Diabetes


It has been almost three years since I started writing and sharing recipes for and with people with Diabetes. With only one exception, I have given you a post and new recipe every week. Now, I start a new adventure. More about that in a moment.

In December 2008 I was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. It was for me, as it must have been for many of you, a big slap in the face and a wake up call.

For the first few months I was:

  • - Sick with my medication
  • -Depressed about facing a life with Diabetes
  • -Frightened by what I heard about the negative side effects of the disease.
  • -Angry with the people at the Diabetes clinic (they yelled at me)
  • -Angry as hell at what I could not eat

Then a dietician at my local “stupidmarket,” Anne, took me by the hand and walked me through the store and introduced me to a host of better choices AND a bread that I could eat.

I have sung the praises of the low (net) carbohydrate breads. It took the scraps on my plate and turned them into a sandwich. It changed the way I thought about eating with Diabetes. It also made me look closer for more items that fit into my carbohydrate budget.

I started creating Diabetes “friendly” recipes (I hate that term and now USE Diabetes-Compatible) and sharing them with other people I knew or met that also shared the disease with me or had a family member with Diabetes.

The next adventure for this avowed techno-idiot was to create a website and share what I learned and was learning with others in my Diabetic boat. I started reaching more and more people. Many of you have been kind enough to tell me that what I do has made a positive difference in their lives.

Via my writing and recipes I have made some fabulous friends in the online Diabetes community. You folks encourage me as much, maybe more, that I can encourage you.

What started out as: sickness, depression, and anger, has turned out to be a great new and positive adventure for me. From the negatives, you have contributed in making my life a great positive adventure. You have shown me the way for me to “pay it forward”.

Sure, at some point I hope to have an outrageous cookbook published for you. With my recipes photographed to look as good as they taste. My photography skills (and new camera) have made my pictures better, but not good enough for you.

You, me, and all of us with Diabetes deserve an elegant presentation of excellent foods that will help us manage our disease and eat like royalty. As with my recipes I won’t allow something second best. Someday soon perhaps.

My next adventure is moving across the United States to New Mexico. With my low carb pita and my low carb sandwich thins in hand, we start our trek. Lay back New Mexico! I know I will be able to manage my eating on the road. I will tell you all about it as soon as I can.

ENJOY!!! Be happy, be healthy, be creative, and BE DECADENT! –w