A Valentine’s Love Note to Our Diabetes Community


This guest post was written by type 2 diabetic and chef Ward Alper exclusively for Information About Diabetes. He writes frequently on his website, The Decadent Diabetic.

I love Valentine’s Day. We get a chance to express our love, easily and without embarrassment. Hey, we are even allowed to get….mushy.

Love takes many forms. There is romantic love full of flowers and candy (well we may have to rethink the candy part). Love from parent to child and child to parent. Love for our sisters and brothers. Love for our friends and neighbors. Love for our pets.

Reading the responses here, week after week and month after month from the people at Diabetes Support and Information about Diabetes, I am awestruck by your love for one another.
In an online world where it is just as easy to be rude or nasty, and hide behind the anonymity of a Facebook page, you are a community with the generosity of spirit that you should be proud of. Perhaps without knowing it, you give freely of yourself.

You are fearless and jump right in there to be of assistance to people from around the world that struggle (like we all do) in managing their Diabetes. You share, without expecting anything in return, your experiences both good and bad. You are willing to answer questions they have about living with Diabetes and share with them what has worked for you. Most important is that you treat these strangers with great respect and compassion.

I cannot count the number of times I have seen your comments to John and Jane to “hang in there”, “It will get better”. “It has happened to me”. “You are NOT alone”.

I have a couple of wonderful friends that are always there to help others out. It is part of their nature rather than a planned act. I have witnessed them give money to people in need. Crack a smile to someone on the street or in a store. These two men could not be more different. Put them in the same room together and I doubt they would agree with each other that the sky is blue. However, through their acts of natural kindness and compassion, they, and those they interact with, walk away better for it.

I give to the world my love for food and what skills I have used as a chef to manage my Diabetes in the hope that some of it will work for you. In return you often let me know you have taken this or that of what I do and made it work for YOU.

So often people say: “I love you” and expect to hear: “I love you too” in return. You folks are giving of your hearts, minds, and experiences to those that need your kindness, support and, yes, love. You give this freely to strangers you will never meet. You may never know how your simple act of kindness changed their day and perhaps their life.

I hope you will take a moment this Valentine’s Day evening and reflect not just about how well or how poorly you have done but on how your support here and I suspect, in the rest of your life, is benefiting others.

It is with thanks and love I write this note to you. You do far more than you know and I and the people here at Diabetes Support/ Information About Diabetes, love you for it.


Ward Alper, The Decadent Diabetic