Old Friends and new Diabetes Treats


Keeping in touch

I have a heck of a time eating on the road. It was sad leaving friends and neighbors back in Portland. Also sad was knowing that some of the products (my food friends) I have been using in Maine were not going to be as available in New Mexico. But like my friends and neighbors back in Maine, I can still contact them (via on-line ordering) and keep them in my pack. Some of my friends just changed their name. Arnold products are called Oroweat here.

Breakfast is so important

Our choice was to book hotels that served a full breakfast. All I had to do is bring MY lower carbohydrate breads down to toast and enjoy the eggs that the hotels offered. The hotels may have cost a bit more but the savings over going to even a fast food chain and replacing their bread with mine, was really worth it. For me the bread is the thing for both breakfast and lunches. I mean really, how many salads do I WANT to eat? Dinners were easier, a protein and some over cooked vegetables and a limp (?) salad. Traveling, I have learned to treat eating as a re-fueling stop. Delicious, perhaps not, but workable enough.

Treats are everywhere

We stopped in Columbus Ohio. As we were getting to our hotel we passed a Graeter’s ice cream place. My friend Jennie introduced me to Graeter’s some years ago as a Christmas present. I have to tell you that that company produces some of the best American ice cream I have ever tasted. I decided that the “stress” of driving across the
country was worth a “little” cheat. We went for it. To my surprise and delight, I discovered that Graeter’s was producing a “low glycemic” version of some of their flavors. While the carbohydrate count (differs from flavor to flavor) was lower than the regular flavors (but not very low), the taste was just amazing. Graeter’s is using a monk
fruit sweetener to replace the sugar in these ice creams. Needless to say I was in heaven with my selection of butter pecan ice cream. As fabulous as I remembered. I looked up reviews on line for the product and all were very positive. I am going to do some research for you and see what, if anything, I can share with you about this monk fruit sweetener.

For cold summer treats I have mentioned to you Healthy choice fudge bars and Dairy Queen’s orange creamsicles. Both are as delicious as the pops I enjoyed as a kid, and both are very Diabetes Compatible. Although I usually make my own, these commercially available products are nice to have when I want what I want and time does not allow me to make my own.

Let me add another product to the list. Artic Zero ice creams. I found it at a market in this area First of all it is expensive for a non- premium product (about $4-$5 per pint). It is not as rich as the Graeter’s low glycemic product, but it is pretty good. I have read dozens of reviews about it online. Half HATE it, half like it. If what you want is an ice cream like product that is low in carbohydrates, calories, gluten free, GMO free and lactose free, this product is worth a try. Again, I liked the butter pecan flavor. I did try the chocolate pops (who could resist?) and did not enjoy them very much. If any of you try it, I would love your feed-back.

Restaurants CAN be your friend

I have continually complained about restaurants not offering a Diabetes-compatible alternative for desserts. There are so many millions of us that would, and could benefit from even a simple offering of fresh berries to eat and enjoy as the others at our table
scoff down that chocolate mousse.

Here in Albuquerque at a restaurant for the very first time ever, the server offered to find me “something” in the kitchen. She would look and see if some of the fruits they decorated the dessert plates with could be put together for me. I can’t even begin to tell you how much that meant to me. The berries were delicious and the thought and caring were even more delicious. What are the chances that we will go back to that restaurant?

…As often as I can. The thoughtfulness was as amazing as the food we were served. I should add that I told the owners that I write for people with Diabetes. Guess what? One of the owners has a parent that has Diabetes. Not such an unusual thing.

I occasionally like a tonic drink (Vodka, Tequila etc.) I could not find the brand I was used to but found a new brand here called Zevia It uses stevia for the sweetening agent. I thought it might have that metallic taste I get from stevia products (my PERSONAL REACTION) but it was absolutely delicious.

I miss my old friends both human and food but my to quote Casablanca…”It looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship”

ENJOY!!! Be happy, be healthy, be creative, and BE DECADENT! –w

Source: Ward Alper, the Decadent Diabetic
Photo Credit: Graeter's Ice Cream