Homemade food, MADE by a person with Diabetes


My recipe for “riced” cauliflower (or cauliflower rice if you prefer) was featured here on a Diabetes Support’s website recently. It was very well received and best of all caused a great deal of comment…and ONLY 1 “yuk”. I think that the “yuck” is as good as the “Yum”. Both tell others that they are not alone in liking or hating a food. I wish they could come up with a nicer term. How about “Phooey?” I love the comments folks make about my articles and recipes. Good, bad or indifferent, it is great to get people talking, and I hope, thinking.

What really fascinated, and troubled me, was that there were a few comments asking where to buy the product. Certainly, after three years of writing and sharing recipes with the people in the world affected with Diabetes (AND those that love them) I am used to people not actually reading the recipes. Hey, it is a visual world. With the television and internet, we are set for quick bites of information. I get that, and I am actually am fine with it. The only problem is that I am a so-so photographer in this visual world.

Getting back to the comments about where to purchase the “riced” cauliflower, I realized, again, that we are a world of people that say that they won’t, don’t, can’t (?) cook, or so they think. These commentators are expecting to find the dish on the supermarket shelf, ready to toss in the nuke or a pot of boiling water and go. We all have busy and complicated lives. Sure convenience foods have their place, but so has the JOY and satisfaction of cooking. Having Diabetes makes home cooking a better choice than ever before.

Think of it this way, your diagnosis of Diabetes took away some of your choices. GET EVEN! Make the choice to cook wondrous meals for yourself that incidentally help you manage your Diabetes.
Pre-packaged foods may be easy. They may be quick. They may not take any serious cooking skills. Are they the best choices for you…or anybody else? You know I am big on full disclosure, I love some pre-packaged foods. No way, no how, am I EVER planning on making my own hot dogs. I know, hot dogs are not the best choice. What is the 4th of July or any outdoor cooking occasion without a hot dog around? Hot dogs are best left to the factory to make. YES we all know they have too much…salt, fat, this, that. Once in a while it is good for our soul to indulge ourselves…or not. Ahhh, you say, have a hamburger or veggie, or turkey burger instead. I certainly do all of those as well. YOU AIN’T GONNA BEAT ME.

With the exception of the veggie burger, I make the others myself. I PROMISE it is not difficult. My “stupidmarket” meat department has pre-made burgers, Really? Is it that difficult to make a hamburger patty? Sure it is quicker. Who got to choose the fat content in the meat?? Jus’ saying folks, no lecture intended. Choosing to eat what works for me in managing my Diabetes is my way of kicking this disease in the teeth and saying : “You ain’t gonna beat me!” The fact that we can make this choice delicious is like getting in that extra punch in the face of the disease.

For those people that wanted to know where to buy the “Riced” cauliflower dish, my apologies. You are just going to have to make it for yourself. For those that commented that they have tried it and liked it, GREAT! For those that went to the next step and made my “fried” riced cauliflower…good going guys. And for EVERYBODY that commented and replied back and forth with one another…

THANK YOU for taking the time to make another person’s life a little better and easier.

ENJOY!!! Be happy, be healthy, be creative, and BE DECADENT! –w

Source: Ward Alper
Photo Credit:Nom Nom Paleo