Diabetic or Not, Chocolate Is in the Air


Ward Alper is a type 2 diabetic and chef who lives and eats decadently in Portland, Maine. Since his diagnosis more than four years ago, he has refocused his recipes and eating to support his diabetic health. In this article, Ward explains why you don't have to give up chocolate just because you have diabetes!

I know, I know, the title should be “Love Is in the Air.” But even if you think you have no one to love and that no one loves you, there is still chocolate!

One of the very first things I said to Dr. Dan five years ago, after he gave me my diagnosis, was: “No chocolate, huh?” He indicated with his fingers that I could have a tiny bit.

Well, I am happy to report that I have more than a tiny bit. Not a whole box or bar of chocolate, but enough to satisfy me and not send my numbers into the stratosphere.

It's OK for Diabetics to Have Chocolate

Dark chocolate, whether in cocoa form or bar form, is not all that high in net carbohydrates. It would never have occurred to me that chocolate has any fiber, but it does. So in a very serious way, chocolate is still part of this Decadent Diabetic’s diet, and I am lovin’ it.

I share with you one of my favorite chocolate recipes – with my love to you and my hopes that you will...

Enjoy, be happy, be healthy, BE DECADENT!

Click here for Ward's Double Chocolate Ricotta Creme recipe!

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