Diabetes-Compatible and delicious (Food for your entire table)

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After a while, it became very clear that cooking for myself with Diabetes, did not mean that I had to prepare a “special” meal for me and a totally different one for friends and family. If the meal for me was absolutely delicious, why not share the goodness with everybody?

Holidays, all of them, are a big deal for most of us. Whatever the holiday, from champagne on New Year’s Day to duck on Christmas, people have their special memory foods and traditional foods that just say: “Happy whatever you are celebrating”. No matter what the holiday, there are Diabetes-compatible ways of fixing the “fixins.”

Holidays are a biggie for me because so many other holidays are steeped in generations of family tradition and traditions are succor for the soul. In February I posted several recipes that scream Valentine’s Day and showed you how to make versions that are workable for us with Diabetes.

I received this great response from a reader here at Diabetes Support/ Information About Diabetes:

”You don't have to be diabetic to enjoy this recipe or any others. Improve your health by lowering your sugar and carb intake and help your loved ones do the same”.

Are you willing to put a dish on the table that works for you and “hope” the rest of the people will enjoy it? You should be. Foods that are lower in carbohydrate grams can have as much flavor and texture and any other foods. Reducing the carbohydrates is not the end of great eating; it is the beginning of eating more creatively while managing your Diabetes.

The steak, chicken, pork, etc. are all “regular” foods. Because you are making the choice to lower the amount of carbohydrates on your plate you can use the opportunity to make each item on the plate really stand out.

Sure, you can grill or broil the proteins just as you always have. You now have the golden opportunity to add more flavor and interest to the dish so that you are not missing some of the items you choose not to eat. If the fish tastes so good, who really needs the chips? If you can add a big portion of “Skinny Slaw” to your plate, where is there room for a lot of potatoes? This way a smaller, beautifully seasoned handful of oven “fried “potatoes can satisfy both your appetite and your emotional cravings.

The biggest complement I EVER get is:

“Great recipe and it is not just for us Diabetics.”

Thank you, I agree. Great flavors are GREAT for everyone.
What every chef/cook does is to create dishes that separate themselves from the pack. Sometimes it is inspired by a restaurant meal, sometimes it is combining flavors they/you like to eat. No, I don’t mean chocolate covered pickles. I do mean chicken stuffed with ham and cheese. This dish aka Chicken Cordon Blue, is even older than I am. The first time I ever made it was when I needed to get a special done fast and had all the Ingredients at hand. There are more ways to stuff a chicken than there are to skin a….

Try something NEW. Do you/ did you like going out to an ethnic restaurant and trying things you NEVER made at home. Here is your chance to make them at home. Either figure out what it was in the way the dish was prepared or ask the restaurant. Most chefs are amazingly willing to tell you about their creation. Then go home and make it for yourself and your family. You may be surprised just how easy it can be.

Many people have allergies. The rise of nut allergies simply confounds me. It is not something I remember from growing up or even as an adult. These make for some serious limitations in what a person can eat. There is no getting around a PB & J sandwich (or chicken Satay) if eating the peanut product puts your life at immediate risk. I use a lot of nuts in my Diabetes-Compatible cooking to replace high carbohydrate items like flour and bread crumbs. For those of you with nut allergies, this won’t work. In some cases you can replace nuts with seeds.

Many of you will comment:

“I tried your recipe for ____ and substituted X for Y in the recipe and it was DELICIOUS."

I have never met a person with Diabetes that is happy to have Diabetes, but until the time comes when it can be cured, you can work at managing it…DELICIOUSLY…. It really is up to you, with a little help from a friend. FAIR WARNING: if you change a recipe of mine and I like it… I might just steal it from you.

ENJOY!!! Be happy, be healthy, and BE DECADENT! –w

Source: Ward Alper, The Decadent Diabetic