Salacia Oblonga Side Effects


Salacia Oblonga has recently received new attention as a natural way of helping to control diabetes. This supplement has several key advantages over prescription medications. For instance, it does well at managing blood glucose levels. It has also shown to hep diabetics in not gaining unwanted weight, a common occurrence with diabetes medications. Unfortunately, there are some side effects that could be present from taking it.

Salacia oblonga is safe for most individuals to be taken for periods of up to three months. However, there currently isn't enough data to support taking this supplement for longer periods of time.

Some individuals are sensitive to herbs and supplements. For this reason it is important that you speak with a registered herbal practitioner before beginning any new supplements.

There have been some other side effects that were noted by individuals taking this product. Among them are bloating, gas, belching, abdominal pain, diarrhea and nausea. Since certain supplements will affect individuals in different ways some of these side effects may be present for some, but not for others.

There is also insufficient data to determine if taking salacia oblonga is safe for women who are pregnant or who breastfeed. Until more data is gathered, your doctor might advice you to avoid using it during these times.

Also, researchers know that this supplement could work to lower blood sugar levels. This could be of some significance if the individual is scheduled for surgery, when glucose levels could drop too low. Consult with your doctor before continuing it's use.