Wine and Diabetes


While diabetics realize the complications that can arise from consuming alcohol, there are still those who wish to partake of it. But how does the reaction relate to wine? Many wonder if it has the potential for the same glucose issues.

The truth about wine is that, when consumed in moderation, it can be okay to have. But moderation is the key.

The problem is not necessarily having a glass of wine, but what constitutes a glass of wine. Unfortunately, people have different sizes of wine glasses. Just referring to a glass does not give a clear enough meaning to fit within the parameters that should be observed.

As it pertains to portion size, a five ounce glass is a standard size. That means that you can have one per day and still be okay for consumption purposes. But the glass size isn't all that you should be concerned with.

Red wine contains slightly more calories than white so if you are sensitive to caloric intake this needs to be factored in, as well. You should also remember to never consume wine without food. This is an accident waiting to happen.

Wine, like any other form of alcohol, has to be ingested along with food. If not, the sugar content will wreak havoc with glucose levels for up to approximately one hour after ingestion. This is important for those who wish to socialize with a glass of wine in their hand. Having a glass is fine as long as you are including food along with it in order to absorb the effects.

If you are having a good time and are considering springing for a second glass, make sure to check your glucose levels closely and let a friend know what is transpiring.