Vitamins For Diabetics


Diabetics are always looking for ways to assist them with maintaining proper blood sugar levels. For many, they would rather try to stay with more natural methods versus relying on prescription medications. Being familiar with the right vitamins that assist with diabetes maintenance helps to fill this need.

The thing to remember is that diabetics need more supplements and nutrients than non-diabetics. Thats because these things do not always absorb as they should, and therefore can be lacking even for an individual who is eating a balanced diet.

There are several vitamins that diabetics are often low in. One is vitamin C. This vitamin is especially important for a diabetic since it relies on insulin to get it to the body's cells. This can be accomplished through the right supplements or through increasing your intake of citrus, berries, cabbage and other foods rich in it. Another supplement that may need boosting is magnesium.

Vitamin D is also essential for diabetics for some very good reasons. It is believed to prevent against cataracts- a common problem for diabetics. But a more important benefit is that it seems to reduce insulin resistance.

Another powerful nutrient in your arsenal against diabetes is chromium. Low chromium is believed to be the reason behind insulin sensitivity. When looking for the right brand of chromium, always make sure that it has a high absorption rate.

If a diabetic suffers from neuropathy, there are several supplements that can offer relief. Vitamins B6 and B12 are great ways to treat, and even prevent, diabetic neuropathy.

Rounding out the list of some of the more important supplements is vitamin E. This natural antioxidant should only be consumed in its natural form, and never the synthetic version.