Diabetic Cake Mix


Diabetics know that they have to limit their sugar intake. But that doesn't do anything for their sweet tooth. Since one of the most common desserts that they like to indulge in is cake, it is a good idea to find a diabetic cake mix so that they can have their cake and eat it, too.

For starters, you have take a close look at the average label on a cake mix. Here, you will see a laundry list of things that a diabetic isn't supposed to have. The trick is to find substitutes for these items without compromising the taste of the finished product.

The number one enemy in a cake mix is sugar. The best way to counteract this item is to use a sugar substitute. Splenda is a good option, although some people don't like the taste of it. For them, they can use fruit, such as applesauce to derive the natural sugar taste. If this will not work for certain recipes, there are still other sugar substitutes on the market to choose from.

All cake mixes contain flour. This is not a good idea for diabetics to have so the best alternative is to substitute regular flour for wheat flour or some other brand that is healthier. You might have to experiment with different varieties to find one that suits your taste.

Instead of using regular milk, you can use soy or even goats milk. If you just have to use cow's milk then at least go with skim.

Eggs are easy to stay away from since there are egg substitutes that do not alter the taste of the cake. Again, if you can't live without eggs, only use egg whites.