Why Do Diabetics Urinate Frequently?


One of the most common symptoms of diabetes is that the individual has an increased urine flow. In fact, it is one of the telltale signs that alerts a doctor that someone may be diabetic before they are aware. But what causes them to urinate more than someone who isn't a diabetic?

Diabetics urinate more because of the way their body is processing sugar. In diabetes, excess sugar begins to build up in the bloodstream. In response to this buildup, the kidneys try to alleviate the situation by working harder to filter this sugar out and rid the body of it.

They automatically sends messages to the brain telling it that there is a buildup in the blood and that the blood needs to be diluted to bring it back down to an acceptable ratio of blood and sugar. The brain interprets these messages as meaning that the body needs more liquid to get the job done.

The excess sugar has to end up somewhere, so it ends up in the kidneys where it can be expelled from the body as other waste materials are when they are filtered from the blood. But the kidneys are not prepared to handle the excess volume of sugar. In order to rid the body of it, they will need more fluids in addition to what they normally use.

The kidneys start to pull fluid from the only source that they have access to and take it from the body's tissues to use for removing the sugar. Without the extra fluid, the kidneys cannot remove the excess sugar. The extra fluid is expelled from the body in the form of increased urine flow.