Diabetes Sugar Level Chart


All diabetics know that maintaining proper blood sugar levels is the lifeline of their disease. Without maintaining this stability, the disease is left to run rampant through the body causing destruction. A diabetes sugar level chart serves as a reference to help keep things in balance.

The chart gives indicators throughout the stages of diabetes, from pre-diabetes to established diagnoses. It serves as a reference for keeping glucose levels in check so that the likelihood of flareups is minimized.

Under normal circumstances, the proper blood sugar level is between 70 and 150 mg/dL. The range takes into effect the difference in individual body composition, the various levels at which glucose is produced, the rate at which sugar is burned, etc. All of these factors make a person's readings as individual as they are. Your doctor can determine what range is appropriate for you.

Glucose readings will also fluctuate throughout the day so it is important to maintain readings in intervals. Readings will typically be the lowest in the morning, caused by forced fasting while you sleep. After meals, the levels will begin to rise for several hours as the food is digested. The rate at which it rises, and the level that it reaches, are directly proportionate to the amount of carbs that are ingested.